About Creaspac

Creaspac is a Swedish acquisition company, a so-called Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), which was established on the initiative of Creades in March 2021. Creaspac aims to raise capital through initial public offering on Nasdaq Stockholm and within 36 months thereafter acquire an unlisted company which, through Creaspac, after review and approval, will be listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm’s main market or Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

Creaspac’s overall acquisition strategy is to seek to acquire a company with significant potential for revaluation and ability to generate profit growth taking risk into account. Potential target companies primarily include Nordic, unlisted companies that operate in markets that are undergoing change, with a potential for revaluation and opportunity to generate profit growth, and with an enterprise value of approximately SEK 2-5 billion (excluding indebtedness).

Prior to the completion of an acquisition, the Company’s board of directors will present the acquisition to the shareholders at a general meeting and the general meeting must approve the acquisition before it can be completed. Shareholders who do not approve such an acquisition will, under certain conditions, be entitled to have their shares redeemed.