Creades as sponsor

Creaspac’s sponsor, Creades, has entered into an agreement with Creaspac under which Creades will provide its investment organisation to assist Creaspac in identifying, evaluating and completing an acquisition.

Creaspac considers that Creades’ large network and expertise within the investment organisation makes Creades well positioned to identify and assess attractive acquisition opportunities on behalf of Creaspac. In addition, Creaspac believes that Creades’ ability to develop successful companies creates the conditions for value creation over a long period of time.

Creades will be the so-called sponsor of Creaspac and is invests a total of SEK 375 million in Creaspac (corresponding to ownership of 15 percent of the total number of outstanding shares in Creaspac after the Offering), with the intention of being the long-term principal owner of Creaspac’s business. The investment is made on the same terms as for other shareholders. As a sponsor, Creades will, inter alia, provide services from its investment organisation to assist Creaspac in the identification, assessment and completion of an acquisition of a target company on attractive terms for Creaspac’s shareholders.

Creades is a Swedish listed investment company with a long history of investing and being long-term committed in small and medium-sized listed and unlisted companies. Creades was founded in connection with Investment Öresund AB being split into two companies and is traded on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2013 and was previously traded on Nasdaq First North since 2012. Creades has a three-pronged investment approach: listed long-term ownership, unlisted long-term ownership and active management. Creades’ overall investment strategy is to invest in companies with potential for revaluation and the ability to generate profit growth, taking risk into account. Creades - as an influential owner - is committed to the long-term development of its holdings through measures that promote growth and increase efficiency, both strategically and operationally, structurally and financially, and has thereby generated an average annual net asset value development, including reinvested dividends, of approximately 26 percent per share for its shareholders from the financial year 2012 up to and including 30 April 2021 and approximately 42 percent from the financial year 2017 up to and including 30 April 2021.[1] The establishment of Creaspac is a natural step in the development of Creades’ investment activities as it enables Creades to invest a significantly larger amount than it is otherwise able to, allowing it to invest in transactions that are larger and/or in companies that desire more expansion capital than Creades can offer on its own. For more information about Creades.


[1] Information about net asset value from Creades AB (publ), annual report 2016 (2012-2016), annual report 2020 (2017-2020) and press release ”Net asset value per 2021-04-30” published on 5 May 2021.